Only affects lot codes 2101506 through 2464624

At 3M, customer safety and confidence are high priorities. In light of a production issue identified with certain Zorbit™ Energy Absorbers (“Zorbit”), 3M voluntarily launched a Stop Use- Safety Recall on October 12, 2016 to replace all Zorbits (part number 7401013) with only lot codes 2101506 through 2464624.

The Zorbit can be sold individually or as part of system, including the (1) Sayfline Permanent Multi-Span Horizontal Lifeline System, (2) SecureSpan I-Beam Horizontal Lifeline System, and (3) SecureSpan Pour-in-Place Horizontal Lifeline System. If you are an end-user with an affected Zorbit, stop using the system, remove the Zorbit and lock the system out, use alternative fall protection, and submit a claim quickly and easily online to request a replacement Zorbit Retrofit kit #7401022 to be shipped to you free of charge.

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